Rewards by clients


TVK Rt. Olefin-2 project

Certificate of excellence

Our office contributed to the implementation of the TVK  Rt. Olefin-2 project with the widest range of its activities. We were present from the initial planning of the facility until the full delivery and putting into operation. (2002-2005)
We served our client with the following engineering work:

• Planning unique equipment (heat exchangers, columns)
• Equipment checks, inspections
• Preparing pressure circle documentations (~1550 volumes)
• Compilation of the as-built and hand-over documentation of the plant
In the complete planning period we provided 4000 engineer days performance for TVK Rt. The highest number of engineers working on the project at the same time was 32 persons.

HUNGRANA Kft. P3000-es project

Designer quality award

Between 2005 and 2007 HUNGRANA  KFT. doubled its manufacturing capacity (1500 t/day) to 3000t/day. 
Practically the capacity of all their plants was doubled, and in all their technology plants they chose us as general designers (technology-engineering, architectural, electric – control engineering technology).
The total staff of our offices was designing these plants for approximately 18 months. We prepared the permission and final construction drawings from the Basic Engineering plans of Hungrana and foreign companies. We planned all the technology processes from the arrival of corn to the end of iso-sugar production, bio-ethanol technology, bio-sugar manufacturing.




BorsodChem Rt. TDI plant

Medal of excellence

We were awarded for the engineering-technology design work for the TDI plant capacity extension.
We have delivered the equipment manufacturing documentation of about half of the total plant. We compiled authority permission documentations about the various technology blocks. We prepared the implementation plans of the crystallization plant and D zone tank park.
From 2000 each year we performed design work for BorsodChem Zrt. in approximately ~1500 engineer days.