Modeling and mechanical design

Modeling and mechanical design


Since the introduction of the European standard system of pressure-holding equipment and facilities in Hungary, since the beginning of the 2000-ies there is an increasing demand for the performance of piping system pressure analysis and attach it to permission documentation to authorities. Based on our prior knowledge and the presentations of software traders we decided to use the TRIFLEX program. We performed the check of many unique pipe sections and statistically connected piping systems with the help of that software. As an unknown option before, we used the software to select supports with permanent spring strength and definite spring invariable. Documentations compiled by us performed well in various projects, according to several foreign independent certifying companies and authority checks.


In the past few years the integration of CAE and CAD programs, joint data using surfaces and interface options are getting more and more popular. The permanent need to use designing time more efficiently as well as the observation of the benefits of joint model use urged us to find a software suitable for pipeline pressure analysis, which brings together the benefits of all previous tools. During the theoretical preparation of our experts  (2010  –  Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Static check of Energetic pipelines) we procured the CAEPIPE software and used it for the design tasks of a water cleaning plant in Kazakhstan. When using the software, another benefit is that independent certifying organisation TÜV also uses CAEPIPE, therefore for the plan examiner we can present the examined model along the documents on paper, which is very persuasive.


In the course of the solution of facility design tasks the static examination of support structures also has to be performed. The design of building structures, supports and the technology system are work phases strongly affecting each other, therefore the two are treated in connection with each other. As static structures need to be modified on various occasions, we have chosen a work method which supports quick, spectacular re-parametrization. The AXIS  VM  program reflects engineer thinking, its database (mechanical characteristics of materials, profile tables) support the solution of most tasks. Its static checking functions are mostly used for the sizing of pipe supports, pipe bridges, equipment supports, building structures, however we have studied shell-like container tanks with plate borders and their shape modifications, static compliance on various occasions. Before the start of construction design we can provide our clients the Bill of Materials generated by the program based on the static model, therefore the majority of the necessary materials can be ordered already in the early phase of planning.


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